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here's an update
4:51am -> Sleep
8:15am -> Wake
8:25am -> Zoloft 150mg, Ativan 1mg, Adderall XR 30mg WITH milk+powder supliment.
10 - something - am Smoked pot ---- drank coffee (cream, suger)
11:57am Dosed 10 'hits' of white blotter acid with friehd who only ate 1 'purple phish' papper
12:15pm other friend came by and dosed to 'hits' of white botter acid
---feel funny---
don't remembe good but have lots of video photage instead....
semmed like a week but only was a few hours
Walked to a store, walked to the park while 'comeing up' and walked out nervous energy, I did more exercise today than a week otherwise.
Smoked small ammounts of cannabis, conservitively (1 or 2 bowls)
4:15pm While smokeing DMT shortly after we insuffilate ~7mg 5-meo-dipt
lsd or 'tripping' effect is greatly intensified for next 4 hours or so...
8:15pm sudden shift in effects
---prief 'wavey' peried and definate LSD lingering effects even after repeated DMT and Cannabis smokeing--------
___Ethanol used to 'come down' or atleast try___ only result is thirsty and hunger...
Still sweating after 13.5+ hours... damn ethanol
Relaxed but 'definately fucking fucked' mind at the 13.5 hour point
just geting feedback from people who 'said they didn't feel it' but later 'felt it' or something
really retrospective, but still I'm not out of it alltheyway...
pictures will follow...
<.< >.>
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