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MadShroomer ShroomingMad

I like to type stuff sometimes but mostly I do Web and Graphid Design stuff

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Hello, i'm da mad shroomer,
We're all mad here, wonderfully deliciously mad. Totally utterly and completely mad, mad i tell you. Completely mad all of us are and we are quite literally mad, utterly deliciously mad.
SEX: Male
Orientation: Straight
Species: Cat
Age: 23
Operating system: Win Xp
Personal quote: 'we can't stop here, this is bat country!' -hst
Music type/genre: Drum'n bass, metal heavy metal dethklok motorhead rammstein
Favorite movie: fear 'n loathing in los vegas, waking life, a scanner darkly, an inconvienient truth
Favorite game: guitar hero II, shining force CD, dark wizzard (sega cd), Counter-strike : Source
Favorite game platform: Ps2, wii
Favorite artist: Gabe, anyone who can draw good anime/manga/hentai/etc.
Favorite animal: feline
Favorite website: 4chan, fchan, kyfurs, myspace
Favorite food: pizza and beer (liquid bread)